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Do you know what is APMC? What is APMC act? the meaning of APMC? APMC stands for? I know that you want to know all things about this stuff. And I will give you all the detail about Marketing yards and act about that very simply.

So, Hello friends this Kishan Pindariya, and a hearty welcome to khedutbhai.com. Basically, we are the Farmers or Commercial. Because of that, it is very important to know about apmc and their acts. Most peoples are don’t know what is the use of it and how it works in India. If you are a person who wants to know about apmc the this is the best platform for you. I solve all the questions about that and also give you A to Z information about APCM.

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Here I have a very easy method to understand you about APMC, and the method is I will make your all questions as a topic in the bellow and you will get all your answers very easily. After, that if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask your question in the below comment box. I will try to solve all the questions in a very easy way. So let’s move on.

What is the full form of APMC or What is APMC?

First of all, we make clear what is the full form of APMC. APMC is the sort form of Agricultural Produce Market Committee or APMC stands for Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee. This is was set up by the government of every state’s own. This is one kind of platform where farmers can sell their products very easily. Before, Agricultural produce Marketing Committees developed too many commissioners are exploiting farmers. even though, large farmers exploit small and medium farmers. They buy products at a very low price from farmers and then sell this at a very high price. Because, of that government, decided to set up a committee for the farmers and then APMC was set up.

What is the full form of APMC | APMC | APMC Meaning | APMC Act 2020

How many APMC are there in India?

Here, we have too many Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee in India. We have a total of 585 mandies integrated with the E-NAM platform. At the bottom, you can see the numbers of all the states that integrated mandis with the e-NAM platform. You can see Uttar Pradesh has 100 e-NAM mandis and if we check this ratio from the bottom of the number then Chandigarh has only One e-NAM mandi.

State wise list of Mandis integrated with e-NAM Platform

S. No.Name of the StateNumber of Mandis integrated
1Andhra Pradesh22
5Himachal Pradesh19
7Madhya Pradesh58
13Tamil Nadu23
15Uttar Pradesh100
18West Bengal17

Around 18 states have allowed private markets, 19 states have allowed direct purchase from farmers, and another dozen states have allowed farmers’ markets outside of APMC over the years. There are less than 7,000 mandis in the country today, while various official estimates have put the required number between 10,000 and 40,000.

So, This is the list. now we can move on with other questions that have in your mind about marketing yards and APMCs.

What is APMC Act India?

You know that India is a country based on farmers. Almost, 65% to 70% of our income from farming. That is the reason here we have to give priority to APMC and need to made changes on acts day by day. In the government, we have almost a book for this act.

APMC act is the act there we have in written lows of apmcs like how it will work, what kind of changes will appear, how farmers will sell their product, etc. Recently, In India, we have seen the APMC act 2020. In very sort, I would like to know your what is the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee act 2020. In this act our prime minister Narendra Modi sir what to combine all the APMC in one sector. He says that farmers can sell their products anywhere they want. there is no rule for that. you can read more about this act from government sites.

What is the role of APMC?

As our culture is agriculture Agricultural Marketing is a vibrant subject for academics and administrators. Though India is gifted with a competitive market, higher educational institutions, developed banking system, the marketers are yet to build on these strengths. As a process, Agricultural Marketing starts with a decision to produce a saleable farm commodity and involves all aspects of the market structure of a system. There are bottlenecks in the agricultural marketing systems like improper warehouses, inadequate market information, the dominance of middlemen, lack of transport and communication.

We can see that with faster changes in and through technology, agrarian issues are also becoming pertinent. our agriculture is, despite reforms, is vulnerable, not merely due to natural factors but also due to inadequate institutional strength and resilience. Under these circumstances, a Second Green Revolution is expected to clear the mess and keep the nation on the right path.

The government is expected to receive in the Second Green Revolution. To improve the marketing system encouraging cooperative marketing, the establishment of regulated markets, and grading, storehouse and warehousing are essential. In this connection, the role of the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) is pivotal in promoting agricultural marketing.

** Conclusion **

In this post, we have seen all the important information about APMC and APMC acts. if you need more information do not hesitate to do comment in the bellow. or you want to contact us from our contact us page.😊